3Arena Static Inverter Upgrade

“Ventilux offer 5 Year Warranty on Static Inverter Batteries with new BACS Technology”

At 3Arena in Dublin, we chose the Ventilux BACS (Battery Analysis & Care System) to monitor and care for the batteries which supply our two 60KVA emergency lighting static inverters, also supplied by Ventilux.

The BACS system has the ability of alerting us remotely of any developing battery problems that otherwise would have historically gone undetected allowing us to predict precisely which batteries need to be replaced in advance, saving us time and money and giving us peace of mind.

The only way we can confidently know how our batteries are performing is to constantly monitor their performance and the Ventilux BACS system has provided a flawless service in maintaining and monitoring our life safety battery back-up systems.

Since the two 60KVA emergency lighting static inverter power systems rely purely on the batteries,  the BACS system has provided complete peace of mind for us whilst also reducing battery maintenance costs, extended the life expectancy of the batteries and radically reduced the risk of battery failure.

Kevin McDonnell

“3Arena Facilities Manager.”


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