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Cost Saving Features


The Ventilux Auto-Test feature is a stand-alone integral testing solution for small to medium size installations.

The Auto-Test module is able to perform a test sequence and report the health of the battery, lamp or charger via a Tri-Colour LED.

Pre-programmed to the testing requirements of EN50172 the Auto-Test module offers a cost competitive solution and peace of mind where automated testing is concerned.

*For a Ventilux Auto Test function please specify /AT


  • Maintained and non-maintained functionality selectable on the module.
  • Optional audible alarm if required.
  • Capable of tracking and storing day count.
  • Built-in pre-start sequence to ensure not all emergency luminaire test at the same time ensuring that the emergency lighting installation will always have emergency light coverage.
  • Countdown feature via Tri-Colour LED to indicate when full duration test will occur.

*Optional Push Test function to perform functional test. *Please specify /PT


The Ventilux Microwave Sensor is ideally suited to commercial applications such as shops and offices, in areas where lighting can be left on. It is also suitable for store room, toilet applications or any other room where lighting may accidentally be left turned on.

The Ventilux Microwave Sensor uses ultra-high frequency radio waves known as microwaves, and the principle of the Doppler Effect to detect motion. The Microwave Sensor will stay on as long as it detects movement within its range of sensitivity.


The Microwave Sensor sends out radio waves that bounce off nearby surfaces and return to the sensor. Motion in the area changes the speed of the waves returning to the sensor. The sensor detects the change and interprets it as occupancy. This causes the sensor to turn ON the luminaire.

High frequency radio waves can penetrate certain materials, therefore the microwave sensor can be installed behind a luminaire diffuser and therefore offer a big advantage over conventional PIR switches which require a line of sight to function correctly.


The energy savings will be extremely high with a very short payback with this small compact and easy to install module. With a range of up to 10 meters, multi units can be used in offices and corridors to reduce long term operational costs.

Just imagine the high costs of leaving luminaires on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Why not integrate a Ventilux Movement Sensor and start saving money today!

*For a Ventilux Movement Sensor please specify /MS