Netcom5 XP


What is Netcom5 XP?

Netcom5 XP is a new approach to automatic testing of emergency lighting installations. Compatible with both self-contained and central battery systems, it has become one of the market leaders in the field of automated testing of emergency lighting installations.

The testing system functions on an ethernet backbone and can be easily integrated into an existing Local Area Network (LAN).

How does Netcom5 XP work?

Each intelligent luminaire has at its core a stand-alone intelligent testing module (referred to as the “node”), which tests the functionality of the luminaire before reporting back to a central control panel via a localised control module.

The node communicates with the control module via a proprietary CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol and the control module communicates to the control panel via industry standard ETHERNET.

What is a node?

n5xp-module-node-303The node is a stand-alone module which can be integrated into any emergency luminaire. Each intelligent luminaire has a network LED (yellow) to indicate network status and a charging LED (green) to indicate mains present and that the battery is charging correctly.

The testing system functions independently and is electrically isolated from the emergency lighting installation, so there is no need for the control panel to be on-line continuously or supported by a UPS.

How many nodes can I have on a system?

The modular structure of the N5XP system allows the system to be scaled to suit any installation from 100 up to 25,300 luminaires. The modular structure also allows for simplistic later expansion of the system.

The use of the ETHERNET backbone allows fittings to be over 2000 metres away from the control panel using fibre optic cabling and also allows for remote monitoring.

Can I group my testing?

The system allows for 30 independent test groups to be allocated irrespective of the physical location or the electrical circuit allocation, offering flexibility to the end user.

What else can Netcom5 XP do?

Netcom5 XPWith the latest interactive graphics program, the user can interface with an AUTO-CAD floor plan to establish the health of their emergency lighting installation.

Site configurations are easily uploaded and downloaded, allowing ease of site set up/commissioning and troubleshooting.

When will it test the Luminaires?

The default N5XP system tests the emergency installation daily, monthly, 6 monthly and annually in accordance with current legislation. A custom test regime is also available for user settings. With the options for EMAIL and SMS texting reporting, single or multi users, AUTO-CAD graphics package – the N5XP testing systems offers a cutting edge product with the added benefit of peace of mind to the client.

What do Ventilux clients say about N5XP?

“Ventilux was our first choice from an early stage to supply the Emergency Lighting Testing System on the Paradise Street Development Project (Liverpool One). Their tailored approach in understanding our needs and providing technical support to all stakeholders from design to completion was exceptional.

Ventilux worked in conjunction with our team to ensure significant medium to long term savings in relation to our Emergency Lighting maintenance and testing. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this endeavour. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.”

Chris Bliss, Estate Director, Liverpool One

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System can monitor up to 25,300 luminaires. AUTO-CAD floor plan integration
Designed to function with both self contained and central battery luminaires EMAIL reporting
Integrates into an ethernet LAN SMS reporting
Compliant to EN62034 Multi-user access over the LAN
Up to 253 channels available Dial in functionality
Each channel able to run 1000 metres BMS interfacing (specific to BMS protocol)
User friendly software 3 year warranty as standard

Netcom5 XP