Central Battery Systems

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Central Battery Systems (Featured Image)


The Ventilux Emergency Lighting (VES) series of Static Inverters are designed specifically for the most challenging of emergency lighting applications and fully in accordance with EN50171, EN50272-2, BS5266, IS3217 and ICEL1009. Providing capacity up to 160kVA, the Ventilux range of Inverters is designed to provide a Static Inverter with all the flexibility and adaptability you need for the modern built environment. The Static Inverters are renowned for consistent reliability, ease of installation and maintenance. With options for either no break in supply or transfer times less than 0.5s the Ventilux Static Inverter range have solutions available for all with a wide choice of power ratings, accessories and Automatic Testing Solutions.



Battery Analysis Care Systems (BAC’s)

BACS is the most advanced product of its kind on the market today. An Ethernet integrated battery monitoring and management system, BACS uses web management technology to monitor the temperature, internal resistance and voltage of every single battery in a given system.

In an Emergency Lighting critical standby application the battery is by and large an integral part of the system and can also be an unpredictable element of the design. Battery condition can be invisible and not determined from its appearance making early diagnosis hard, especially if problems have been experienced in transit, storage, installation, poor site conditions or misuse causing failure of just one cell which can lead to open-circuit of a complete battery.

The analysis part is the continuous checking of the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of every single battery block. The care part is an equalization process that corrects the charging voltage for each battery block as well as constant monitoring and controlling. In addition, it can manage environmental measurements such as temperature, humidity etc., as well as the Static Inverter system.

BACS effectively mitigates the possibility of overcharging the batteries, helping to prevent gassing and drying, as well as alleviating the possibility of undercharging, preventing sulfation. Through the equalization process, the batteries are kept at an optimal charging voltage and therefore, in an optimal state of health. By managing the batteries charging voltages, BACS vastly improves the durability and reliability of the system.

Bac’s System Installation

Bacs Features


• 5 Year Warranty on new battery installations installed with BACS
• Indicators to alert battery problems
• Individual voltage regulation through the equalizing process
• Avoids overcharging and undercharging
• Increased Battery Capacity and Battery life expectancy
• Software provided

Ecolux Series-1/1

The Ecolux series is a high performance, high efficiency single phase distributed range of Static Inverter Systems ranging from 500VA to 3kVA

  • True sinewave & PWM microprocessor controlled technology.
  • Systems and Battery test function.
  • Recharges batteries up to 80% within 12 hours.
  • Fast changeover to Battery mode.
  • Built in distribution ( 6 Circuits as Standard).
  • LCD user information panel providing accurate, detailed information about load, batteries, system diagnostics and audible alarm.
  • RS232, and dry contacts for communication and remote monitoring.
  • TCPIP / KNX / Netcom 5XP Options.
  • Integral Batteries.
  • Reduced Mean Time To Repair due to modular design

Ecolux Features

Ecomod Series-1/1, 3/1

The ECOMod series is a high performance, high efficiency range of Static Inverter Systems ranging from 4kVA to 24kVA.
Ecomod Image

Ecomod Features

  • Up to 24kVA built up of 4kVA Power Modules.
  • Selectable as 1/1 & 3/1 via user interface.
  • Hot-Swap Power Module.
  • True Sinewave Output.
  • No break in supply transfer of load.
  • Deep Discharge Protection.
  • Reverse Battery Polarity Protection.
  • Front access for all maintenance and repair
  • External Battery Cabinet
  • Automatic Equalisation of input and output currents and battery.
  • In built battery discharge management
  • Multiple communication options RS232, RS484, Dry Contacts for communication and remote monitoring.
  • TCP/IP / KNX / Netcom 5XP Options

VES-100 Series

The VES100 series is a high performance, high efficient single phase range of Static Inverter Systems ranging from 4kVA to 12kVA.

VES-300DSP Series

The VES300 series is a high performance, high efficient single phase latest range of Digital Static Inverter Systems ranging from 10kVA to 160kVA.
VES Series Image

VES-100 / VES-300DSP Features

  • True sinewave & PWM microprocessor controlled technology DC short circuit protection
  • Recharges batteries up to 80% within 12 hours
  • FAR Controls including 48Vdc supply for Fire Alarm Panel
  • External Test Facility included
  • External Battery Rack / Cabinet
  • Unique inverter design to suit high inrush lighting loads
  • User selectable Inverter or Changeover Mode
  • LCD panel providing accurate detailed information about load, batteries and inverter with advanced diagnostics
  • RS232 and dry contacts for communication and remote monitoring
  • TCP/IP, KNX, Netcom 5XP Options
  • Deep Discharge Protection
  • Multiline LCD Display
  • Advanced diagnostics and alarm reporting
  • Latest Digital Signal Processing Technology (VES300DSP Only)