BSI Kitemark

The BSI Kitemark is a registered certificate mark owned and operated by the British Standards Institute (BSI). Ventilux very proudly possess three separate BSI kite-marks

BS EN 60598-2-22 Emergency Luminaires 

BS EN 61347-2-7 Particular requirements for D.C supplied electronic ballasts for emergency luminaires 

BS EN 50171 Central Power Supply Systems

It is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety in the world and offers true value to customers, business and procurement practices.

Its strengths lies in the fact that Ventilux were audited before they were awarded a Kitemark licence then our production facilities are re-audited twice annually to maintain our Kitemark licences.

In addition our emergency lighting products are continuously re-audited twice annually to ensure that they maintain the same quality, safety and compliance to EN60598-2-22.

Combined with the world renowned and independent backing of the British Standards Institute – a UKAS accredited organisation – no other certification mark carry the same weight or significant as the BSI Kitemark.

Because the BSI Kitemark is a voluntary certification system it shows Ventilux’s commitment to delivery safe, reliable and compliant emergency lighting products to the end user.

Because of this, you will know from the start that your emergency lighting products will consistently deliver  the highest standards of Kitemark quality .

When a lighting product attains the BSI Kitemark, it sends out a clear message to consultants and electrical contractors that the highest standards of quality, safety and compliance are consistently being achieved.

ISO Standard

Ventilux was awarded ISO Standard in 1993, this standard, which was designed and is updated at regular intervals by industry experts is an extremely effective way for business to ensure that all controls required to guarantee consistency of quality, are in place, and regularly reviewed.

The Ventilux Quality Team are available to deal with, and bring to a swift resolution, any customer queries or problems. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to all Ventilux Employees, and is our commitment to the customer, which we believe has contribute to our success and longevity.