Intelligent Temperature Detection System

Covid-19 Safety Solutions



An unobtrusive remote mass screening intelligent body temperature detection system using the latest sensor technology.

Non-contact and non-invasive the ITDS-200 offers real-time intelligent identification and tracing of people with abnormal temperatures.

The ITDS-200 can detect and process the forehead temperature for up to 200 individuals within a temperature accuracy of 0.5C

The system allows dynamic thermal measurements avoiding unnecessary queuing for static measurements allowing the system to be deployed in high traffic areas such as airports, hospital entrances, schools, office buildings and shopping centres.


  • Can detect up to 200 people at one time allowing free movement of people.
  • Intelligent Analysis: Detection of temperature even with Hats, Mask and Scarves. Video Imaging for Identification.
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy +/- 0.5