Ventilux offers a complete light conversion service at their sites in Dublin and Liverpool, where our specialist conversion staff take pride in ensuring that the full requirements of ICEL 1004 “Modification of Mains Luminaires for Emergency Lighting” are applied.

This process is supported by a system of quality, which is established, documented and maintained.

All converted products, conversion solutions/methods, and their appropriate tests are recorded on an individual CP drawing which are linked to a Ventilux CP Log.

This is essential, so that we, Ventilux, can apply the same approved method every time we receive a product for conversion thus the manufacture/turnaround of the product can be done as efficiently as possible.

Ventilux now have records of conversion solutions to over 3000 different products.
All products for conversion continue to benefit from a process of Continuous Measurable Improvement (CMI) where quality is built in.

Ventilux take full 3 year warranty as standard for the conversion module only* on all mains luminaires converted.