Ventilux increase Projects Portfolio

Over the last 6 months Ventilux have continued to grow their Projects Portfolio in Ireland and abroad. Ventilux have developed a hugely popular High Performance LED range. Architects and Consulting Engineers are particularly impressed with the Halo LED and Optic LED luminaires due to the high lumen output and discreet appearance.

Ventilux will continue to invest in advanced LED Technology and produce market-leading solutions to our valued customers for future market needs. To receive updates on developments in the Ventilux product range you can follow the company on LinkedIn. Please click HERE.


Medtronic Galway

Medtronic is the global leader in medical technology, alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life for millions of people around the world. With deep roots in the treatment of heart disease, Medtronic provides a wide range of products and therapies. Medtronic selected the Ventilux Netcom5 XP System for their state-of-the-art facilities in Galway.

Netcom 5XP is a new approach to automatic testing of emergency lighting installations. Compatible with both self-contained and central battery systems, it has become one of the market leaders in the field of automated testing of emergency lighting installations.


Elanco Sligo

Ventiux secured a contract from Elanco in Sligo for the installation of their popular Testing System Netcom 5XP. The former warehouse facility is being renovated and changed to a packaging, labeling and storage facility to support the nearby Stellamune bio-pharma manufacturing facility.

Ventilux worked in conjunction with the on-site Electrical team to ensure significant medium to long term savings will be achieved for the client. The System proved hugely beneficial as the maintenance team struggled to access certain areas majority of the time. Netcom 5XP was the ideal solution to the clients predicament. 

For more information on Netcom 5XP please contact us directly on (01) 2148800.

Brown Thomas Dublin(2)

Brown Thomas Dublin

Brown Thomas is Ireland’s most beautiful department store and home to the best brands in the world. Shop for Beauty, Shoes, Bags & Gifts all under one roof in Grafton Street in Dublin. Arup Consulting Engineers selected the Ventilux Emergency Lighting Testing System Netcom 5XP for Brown Thomas to reduce the costs associated with Emergency Lighting Testing in the popular store.


Brown Thomas Cork

Ventilux also upgraded the Brown Thomas store in Cork. The client selected the Ventilux Halo LED to be installed in the glamorous display areas.