Increased Lumen Levels

How to make the role of the installer easier, quicker, and more cost-efficient ?

Here at Ventilux, we’re always analysing how we can make the role of the installer easier, quicker, and more cost-efficient. Our R&D team is constantly trying to identify ways to increase lumen output and luminaire coverage. We have managed to do this utilising cutting-edge lens technology and upgrading our high-performing LEDs.

Due to the increase in lumen outputs across our range, this will help to reduce the overall number of luminaires required to install on projects. 

A 30%-60% increase in lighting performance

The LED upgrade offers in the region of 30%-60% increase in lighting performance which will help reduce your cost of labour, wiring and reduce your installation points. The cost saving will be specifically helpful in addressable installations as it will help to reduce the overall number of control panels. Below is an example of some of our most popular luminaires that have received the LED upgrades. 

Our design department has updated LDT design files for our upgraded luminaires. We have had magnificent results in reducing the overall number of Emergency Luminaires for our customers who use the Ventilux Design Review Service. This, in turn, has provided the client with a reduction in cost savings and labour time.  

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Ventilux will continue to innovate and will always look at opportunities to make the role of the consulting engineer and electrical contractor easier. We will manufacture our luminaires using only the highest quality LEDs and the best-in-class lens technology.  

If you would like to hear more about our LED upgrades, and how these luminaires can assist in making your lighting installation more efficient, feel free to get in touch for an initial conversation with our sales team at:

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