Central Battery System

Static Inverters Systems are a central supplied battery system that provide a 230Vac supply on mains failure (non-maintained) or at all material times (maintained). 

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Static Inverter

VES-MOD Series
VES-300DSP Series


The Ventilux Emergency Lighting (VES) series of Static Inverters are designed specifically for the most challenging of emergency lighting applications and are fully in compliance with EN50171, EN50272-2, BS5266, IS3217, and ICEL 1009. Providing capacity up to 160kVA, the Ventilux range of Inverters is designed to provide a Static Inverter with all the flexibility and adaptability you need for the modern built environment. The Static Inverters are renowned for consistent reliability, ease of installation, and maintenance. With options for either no break in supply, or transfer times less than 0.5s, the Ventilux Static Inverter range have solutions available for all with a wide choice of power ratings, accessories, and Automatic Testing Solutions. With multiple ways to control lights within an application, the below descriptions and drawings show the various ways the lighting load may be controlled.

Central Battery System Compatible Products
4000 +

Key Benefits

Low Maintenance

Cost Saving

Reliable Supply

  • Easy to test and maintain
  • Extended System Life with battery life of 10 years
  • Luminaires able to operate at a higher or lower temperature
  • Low-running cost system solution.
  • Normally lower luminaire cost
  • Larger batteries are cheaper per unit of power
  • Recharge period 80% in 12 hours.
  • Negligible voltage drop
  • Able to use existing mains lights hence more choice.
  • Suitable for high-risk lighting solutions.
  • Better lumen output hence increased spacing.

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