DALI Testing System

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an intelligent addressable emergency lighting testing solution. This system is a cloud-based emergency lighting testing system with instant connectivity to monitor, report, and tests emergency luminaires from any location via any smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. Ventilux offers the DALI Connect Controllers with either wired or wireless connectivity to the emergency luminaires.


DALI is a smart testing system requiring ZERO physical maintenance. It negates the necessity for a maintenance engineer to physically/visually check all emergency luminaires on a regular basis as is currently required under EN50172 legislation. 

Modular design allows both small and large installations to be competitively specified. OPEN PROTOCOL allows other DALI emergency lighting products to be used on the system.  

The DALI Connect system utilizes the AMAZON CLOUD SERVER offering complete data security, superior disaster recovery, and backup. The web interface allows constant monitoring of site status, the status of DALI controllers, and also the health of individual emergency luminaires. Together with the ability to provide a comprehensive API to any building management system, using BACnet, Modbus, or MQTT.




The wireless option incorporates the Zigbee Mesh Network, a self-healing network far superior to point-to-point communication. Zigbee can support up to 65000 nodes on a single mesh network. Wireless DALI Controller can report on a maximum of 128 DALI devices.




The Ventilux DALI Module converts to Wired when DALI Controller is connected with DALI Wires. Without CLOUD access, the DALI Control Panel functions independently and continues to test locally. Wired DALI Controller can report on a maximum of 120 DALI devices.

DiiA estimated that DALI is currently used in over 54% of SMART buildings in the UK & Ireland and 32% globally, which will increase DALI2 implementations.

DALI Compatible Luminaires
2000 +
DALI Reports Luminaire Diagnostics for

Communication Fault

Battery Fault

Lamp Fault

Charger Fault

Environment Friendly

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduced hardware along with remote testing eliminates unnecessary travel to the site for engineers, resulting in a greener and more sustainable environment

Reduced Power Consumption

Utilizing ZIGBEE Mesh Network reduces power consumption compared to standard Wi-Fi.

Key Benefits

Reliability & Flexibility

Remote Testing

Cost Saving

  • An Ethernet backbone provides greater flexibility for increased distances in the system design and layout.
  • Increased system capacity with up to 24000 fittings (200 controllers) on one system allows ease of further project expansion.
  • Modular design and standalone DALI Control Panels provides greater system reliability, installation and commissioning.
  • OPEN PROTOCOL modules- customer flexibility.
  • Remote access and monitoring are now easier via mobile phone, tablet, or PC – less disruption to the working environment.
  • Email reporting to key personnel.
  • Testing can be programmed for non-working hours hence less disruption to work environment.
  • Control Panel provides the end user with increased control and visibility.
  • DALI Wireless provides significant cost savings within any installation as there is no communication cabling required.
  • This system allows for ease of future expansion of an ongoing project with easy connectivity between existing & new luminaires, the only rewiring cost is the Luminaire Supply.
  • Mid-term cost savings on maintenance costs for an installation over conventional testing.

  • Lower lifecycle costs, easier long-term maintenance, and reduced capital cost.

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