DALI Testing System

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an intelligent addressable emergency lighting testing solution. It allows an installation to be supervised, tested, and monitored from a central location. Ventilux offers a wide range of products compatible with DALI Testing System.


DALI is a smart testing system requiring ZERO physical maintenance. It negates the necessity for a maintenance engineer to physically/visually check all emergency luminaires on a regular basis as is currently required under EN50172 legislation. 

It also allows the site to be tested during non-working hours hence less disruption to the work environment. Remote access and monitoring are now easier via the intranet and internet – less disruption to the working environment hence saving the end-user money. It saves mid term maintenance cost with its automated testing over conventional testing. 

Modular design allows both small and large installations to be competitively specified. OPEN PROTOCOL allows other DALI emergency lighting products to be used on the system.  Considerable cost saving against the ever-growing maintenance costs.

DiiA estimated that DALI is currently used in over 54% of SMART buildings in UK & Ireland and 32% globally, which will increase DALI2 implementations.

2000 +
DALI Compatible Luminaires
DALI Reports Luminaire Diagnostics for

Communication Fault

Battery Fault

Lamp Fault

Charger Fault

Key Benefits

Reliability & Flexibility

Remote Testing

Cost Saving

  • An Ethernet backbone provides greater flexibility for increased distances in the system design and layout.
  • Increased system capacity with up to 24000 fittings (200 controllers) on one system allows ease of further project expansion.
  • Modular design and standalone DALI Control Panels provides greater system reliability, installation and commissioning.
  • OPEN PROTOCOL modules- customer flexibility.
  • Remote access and monitoring is now easier via mobile phone, tablet or PC – less disruption to working environment.
  • Email reporting to key personnel.
  • Testing can be programmed for non-working hours hence less disruption to work environment.
  • Control Panel provides the end user with increased control and visibility.
  • Mid-term cost savings on maintenance costs for an installation over conventional testing.
  • Ethernet bus can run up to 2000 meters using fiber cable.

DALI System Characteristics



Max number of Control Modules


Max luminaires per control module


Max luminaires per DALI system


Max cable distance from last luminaire to control module

300 Meters

Max cable distance from control module to central hub

2 Kilometer

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