Anand Mohandas - Senior Lighting Design Engineer

About Anand

Anand  is the Design Engineer for Ventilux Ltd and is a recognised expert in design and commissioning.

His early career began as a Space Scientist and  Mechanical Engineer He has in-depth knowledge in the field of Design, Composite Material Technology, CAD, Fluid Mechanics, and Finite Element Analysis. He has extensive experience in many Engineering sectors and has worked  on  large scale Industrial National and International Development Projects. Anand was part of SPACE INDIA Team, working as a Scientific Research Officer. He worked as an Educational Assistant in Bridge Ltd, Ireland, and deputised in UCD and IADT Ireland, assisting in STEM, Engineering and Technology subjects.

 He has hands-on design experience in EIRSAT-1 Space Mission Program (Ireland), where he worked as a Design Intern/Engineer of UCD and QUB, UK specializing in Mechanical housing of the payload module.

 His design attributes and expertise are complimented by the technical excellence of Ventilux Ltd.

 Anand holds a Masters degree in Physics (Space Science & Tech) alongside a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.