Brendan Walsh - Group Chairman

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About Brendan

Brendan Walsh graduated with honours as an Electrical Engineer and began his career in the specialist area of Nuclear Electronic Measurement and Control Systems within the Tobacco Industry. His area of responsibility was mainland Europe, and his primary objective was to introduce advanced measurement methods which reduced waste and improved product quality.

He then further developed his skills and experience in the highly competitive Gas industry introducing new and innovative systems for organisations such as BOC gases and obtained a Masters degree in Engineering. However, it was the emergency lighting industry that proved to be the environment where he could capitalise on his industrial experience and use his expertise to make a step-change in product and testing methods.

It was at this point that Brendan completed a Master’s Degree in Behavioral Science and established Ventilux Ltd. The company, which started in 1986 with a turnover of Ir £190,00 rapidly grew as Brendan, with innovative product design, produced products that were in demand from architects and interior designers. He revolutionised the concept of testing with innovations such as Netcom 5. The drive to design and manufacture technically superior products, along with a growing network of International distributors, gave Ventilux a strong position in the marketplace allowing for re-investment into the company and its products.

Technical excellence and a desire to work closely with the customer remains in place today under Brendan’s leadership, and the company now exports to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, and Jordan) Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Iceland, Estonia, and Poland) Australasia ( Australia and New Zealand) and Macau.