Ventilux Wireless DALI Connect

Smart buildings: Complete wireless Dali solution

Ventilux Wireless DALI Connect

Smart buildings are where the future is headed and Ventilux Dali Connect is the solution for wireless testing systems.

Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an OPEN PROTOCOL intelligent addressable emergency lighting testing solution which allows an installation to be supervised, tested and monitored from a central location in accordance with the latest national standards. 

It offers the customer the short-term opportunity of recovering the cost of the installation and make considerable cost saving in the long term against the ever-growing maintenance costs, combined with providing confidence and peace of mind that the emergency lighting installation is fully compliant to the testing requirements of the national standards.

It negates the necessity of a maintenance engineer to physically/visually check all emergency luminaires on a regular basis, while also not needing to check emergency luminaires during test periods. DALI allows sites to be tested in non-working hours causing less disruption to the work environment saving the end user money.  

The Wireless DALI can have up to 128 luminaire connections to each channel running off a Zigbee Mesh Network connected to a cloud-based server.

The Zigbee mesh network has a considerable increase in distance compared to a wired solution. The Zigbee network can range up to 50m within building environment and 100m in open air. This system is suitable for large or small installations.

Key benefits of the new wireless DALI

  • Reduced capital costs: The wireless system doesn’t require any communication cable, additional cable fixtures, additional trunking or any additional connectors thus effectively reducing the capital investment.
  • Installation costs: Implementation of DALI Wireless drastically reduces the time and cost incurred during installations as there is no requirement for any additional wiring communication bus, attaching fixings or additional drilling.
  • Self-healing: DALI MESH is a self-healing network that routes back to the DALI Control module irrespective of number of faulty luminaires in the network. Mesh network is far superior to point to point.
  • Long-term maintenance: Easier maintenance and less risk of confusion on site in the long-term.
  • No rewiring: Rewiring is not required for wireless implementation in existing projects or in future extensions. The system works in conjunction with the wired DALI controllers as a mixed system or complete wireless solution.

Sites considering self-test solution almost financially aligns with the DALI Wireless system.

Being a flexible solution for dynamic sites, fittings can be moved much easier if required.

The ZIGBEE protocol is proven in the industry automated arena, offering security and stability.

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