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Type: Online

Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Assets: Certificate of Attendance Webinar Slides Recordings post-webinar

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All emergency lighting systems are designed to provide illumination of the escape routes through a public building, thus enabling the safe movement of people to the final exits.

They are also used to ensure that essential safety items such as first-aid points, fire-alarms, and fire-fighting equipment can be readily located when the normal lighting fails.

Both self-contained and central battery emergency lighting systems have their own merits and in this presentation, we discuss those merits based upon capital cost, long-term maintenance requirements, future expansion, environment issues, lighting level requirements, etc.

Based upon your emergency lighting knowledge it would be advisable to partake in this presentation prior to the Standards and Static Inverter presentations.

What you will learn:
  • Types of Emergency Lighting Defined
  • Self Contained
  • Central Battery System
  • Static Inverter Systems
  • Generator Systems
Meet Your Facilitator
Ian Murphy
Ian Murphy is the R&D Manager for Ventilux Ltd and a recognised expert in power electronics. He started working for Ventilux in 1998, and in his capacity of R & D Manager is responsible for all facets of engineering design, product development and manufacturing.