ISO Certified: Ventilux Awarded For Positive Environmental Action

Change starts from small steps, and here at Ventilux, we’re committed to finding ways to reduce and optimize energy for our environment.  Being in the manufacturing technology industry, we understand how impactful our production and distribution of lighting solutions are to the environment, that’s why we’ve established practices within our organization to ensure a reduced […]

Ireland’s Electrical Magazine Dec-Jan

dali connect-electrical magazine

Check out the latest edition of Ireland’s Electrcial Magazine Dec 22- Jan 23 featuring Ventilux’s DALI Connect – The smart & sustainable emergency lighting testing system.

Increased Lumen Levels

How to make the role of the installer easier, quicker, and more cost-efficient ? Here at Ventilux, we’re always analysing how we can make the role of the installer easier, quicker, and more cost-efficient. Our R&D team is constantly trying to identify ways to increase lumen output and luminaire coverage. We have managed to do […]

Illuminated Call Point Cover

Manufactured in Ireland, the Ventilux Lux5ive Call Point Cover ensures that the necessary illumination levels are achieved at manual call points as required by standard EN 1838. It is quick and simple to instal and achieves a uniform distribution of light over the front surface of manual call points. In addition to providing constant illumination, the protective front […]